Icy Wonders

Icy wonders is among the most exciting video slots available by NETENT. NETENT (Net Entertainment) is one of the leading online gaming software providers in the online gaming industry. It provides virtual games such as video slots with some of the best state of the art software, amazing crisp graphics and clear sound effects. All video slots being provided by NETENT comprise of individual unique themes with their own characters within their reels


Icy Wonders is a five reel and thirty line video slot with a multiple coin value to choose from. One of the unique features which differs this game from other video slots is the fact that it also features two progressive jackpots. The main theme revolves around a wintery wonderland involving characters such as igloos, Eskimos, polar bears, penguins and many more. As in any NETENT video slot, a player also have the opportunity of gaining more wins through spins comprised of Wild substitutions, scatter symbols, free spins and the off reel mini bonus game. A player is able to play between one to thirty bet lines at one to four bet levels. In order to make the spinning and betting process easier, this video slot also provides the quick and easy short cut options in order to enable faster play. However more about this will be provided later on. As mentioned earlier, one of the most important features within Icy wonders, is the ability and chance for players to win the progressive jackpots provided within the game. For starters, as soon as a player opens up the game the two jackpots will be listed at the top of the screen on each side of the game. What makes these jackpots progressive is the fact they are constantly increasing depending on the number of players who would be playing Icy wonders and the betting levels they would be playing at; as a portion of their bets adds onto the progressive jackpot. In order for any player to win the progressive jackpot, they would need to place as many bets as possible in order to increase those chances of winning. To win the Mega Wonder Jackpot, a player would need to spin five jackpot symbols while on the other hand, in order to win the wonder jackpot they would need to spin four jackpot symbols. One important factor to remember when playing Icy wonders is that these NETENT video slots are monitored by the appropriate authorities of the online gaming industry through the software known as RNG; Random Number Generator. This means that none of the results are predetermined and are therefore following the rules and regulations as a fair and just online gaming casino.

Although video slots are games of chance and players may or may not win the progressive jackpots at first, players will always be in the running to receive any of the multiple bonuses which are available with every spin. Icy Wonders provides Wild substitutions which are in the form of a shark character within the reels as well as free spins which may be received through the spinning of scatter symbols. In order to win free spins a player would need to spin three or more scatter symbols. The three scatter symbols will automatically activate 10 free spins, four scatter symbols will activate 20 free spins while five scatter symbols will automatically activate 30 free spins. The free spins will pay out at a multiplier of two but excludes the jackpot and bonus game wins and additional free spins. However it is possible for players to win additional free spins through the free spins themselves. These spins will automatically be added to the already existing free spins. It is important to note that all free spins are activated at the same betting level and lines of the spin that activated those free spins in the first place. Another fantastic feature that Icy wonders offers its players is the additional off reel bonus game. This bonus game is activated when three or more bonus symbols are spun in succession from left to right.

Once the bonus game is activated it will open up as an off reel game and as an additional screen. The bonus symbol is a penguin and the bonus game involves the appearance of twelve penguins. The player must pick penguins in order to win various bonus amounts in the forms of fish. Once the player has selected a penguin with a fishbone, then the game will automatically end and the player is diverted back to the reels of the video slot. The total bonus amount which would have been won is added to the player’s balance. It is important to note that the bonus game may also be activated through the free spins.
In order to make game play of icy wonders much easier, NETENT has provided some short cut buttons to make these video slots even more enjoyable than they already are. Some such shortcuts include the Max Bet option. This option enables players to simply click on it for the spin to automatically take place with the maximum bet lines at the highest bet level at the predetermined coin value selected by the player. Another fast option is also the Auto option. This will enable players to automatically pre-select the number of spins the player would like to place without the need to constantly press the ‘spin’ button with each round.

Another feature which gains much interest from various online players, is the ability for them to play free icy wonders. In some cases players need not register and log into an account in order to access the free play. All a player would need to do is simply click on Icy Wonders, and a substantial amount of free credit will be allocated to the game with which the players are able to play with. The best advantage to this form of play of Icy wonders is that players are able to better acquaint themselves with the game and they are able to play the game for as long as they wish. This is made possible as the free credit can be renewed at any time the game is refreshed enabling the player to play for as long as they wish.