Play Free Icy Wonders

Icy wonders is one the most popular video slots produced by NETENT; one of the leading net entertainment software companies in the online gaming industry. It comprises of some of the best and crisp graphics, fantastic animation features and clear sound effects. It not only provides players with the opportunity to win large sums of money through the spin of scatter symbols which automatically enable the free spins, wild substitutions, and of course the off reel bonus game but it also offers players the chance to win big through the two progressive jackpots within Icy Wonders. The jackpots progress according to the number of players who play and place bets within the game; with each bet a portion of it is added to the jackpots


All online casinos offering Icy wonders offer the game in both real and virtual practice or otherwise referred to as free mode. For starters however it is important to note that NETENT provide non downloadable games as they do not require players to download any software beforehand in order to access the game. This means that Icy Wonders is not imprinted on a particular computer in order for it to be played enabling it to be accessed from any computer anywhere in the world as long as there is internet access. Therefore whether a player is on a lunch break, on holiday or simply wishes to play at any hour during the day, they may do so freely without any interruption. The main computer software required in order to play Icy Wonders is JavaScript which is a common software mechanism used to be able to read any form of video online. Thanks to this unique software capability, players are able to access the free as well as real play in Icy wonders.

Anytime a player wishes to try out, practice or better acquaint them with the game, all they would need to do is locate an online casino that offers Icy wonders and simply click on the game. As most online casinos do not require players to register and log into an account in order to play it, the game will immediately open up as practice or free mode and the player will be allocated a specific and substantial amount of free credit. The best part about this free credit is that it can be renewed whenever the game is refreshed. This will enable players to play in free mode for as long as they wish. Thanks to this method, most online casinos do not limit the number of players who are able to play the same game for free. This in turn will enable players to access the Icy Wonders game at any point in time twenty four hours a day.

Free play is just the beginning for players to start experiencing the wonders of Icy wonders. However although players are able to still win free spins and play the off reel bonus game in free mode, they are unable to be in the running to win the jackpots. Free spins are activated whenever three or more scatter symbols are spun thus enabling the free spins immediately. In the case of the off reel mini bonus game, players are able to activate it through the spin of three or more bonus symbols. The bonus game comprises of a series of penguin characters which the player would need to select in order to achieve further bonus amounts. With every whole fish in the penguins’ hands, the player will receive a respective amount. However should the player select a penguin with a fishbone, the game will immediately end and the player is redirected to the reels of the video slot. In order to play and win the jackpots, players would need to play Icy Wonders in real mode only. Real mode entails players to register and log into an account before hand in order to start playing with the real money they would have deposited into their account. However free play does offer another advantage which means that players are able to be well prepared beforehand for what the game entails. It is important to note however that there are certain online casinos that only offer free play once the player has already registered and logged into an account. In these cases, once the player has accessed their account, they are able to choose between free mode without having deposited money into their account and real mode. Either way, the player is able to better acquaint themselves with the rules and regulations of the game.

As most online casinos offer Icy Wonders among their most popular jackpot video slots, they also offer players the possibility to take advantage of the numerous bonuses they provide. These bonuses together with the bonuses within the game itself give players higher chances of winning large sums of money. Thanks to the RNG software enabled with video slots such as Icy Wonders, all final results are randomly generated and there is no manipulation that takes place from any sources. This also means that Icy wonders remains a game of chance giving all players the opportunity to win the progressive jackpots within the game. Players may then rest assured that whether they are playing in free or real mode, their transactions will take place within a safe, just and secure environment. Free play plays a very vital role in the online gaming experience of any video slots. It is only through this method that players will be able to get a better understanding of what the game entails and what is expected by players when they begin playing for real money.

With every win the player receives through Icy Wonders in real mode, the amount will automatically be transferred to the player’s main account from where they are able to place withdrawal requests and receive their winnings within their bank accounts. Therefore it is best suggested that before a player decides to commit to real play in Icy Wonders, they should try out and play in fun mode for free.