Video Slots

With the introduction of online casinos came the development of new slot and video slot games which cannot be found in any land based pub or casino. Under the watchful eye of the online gaming authorities and the advancement of online gaming software, online casinos have selected to provide their players with some of the most amazing video slots in the online gaming market. Such games are available to be played by players from all over the world through the use of the internet


It is very unlikely that all online casinos offer the same games as they tend so select various online gaming software providers. Each gaming software provider such as NETENT or Playtech or Microgaming has come up with their own variety of games ranging from jackpot games to standard video slots. However no matter the provider, their state of the art graphics, fantastic animation and sound effects prove that online video slots are the best choice for many online players. Most online casinos offer a wide range of slots and video slots but it is important to understand the different between the two types of slots. The standard slots which are also sometimes referred to as fruit machines are the old school types of slots with three reels comprised of simple themes such as fruits while still including a joker symbol. The most common jackpot symbol in such games is the number seven which is most commonly found within land based casino slots. Many of the online casino slots involve the production of progressive jackpots which make these games that much more interesting. However should a player prefer the more advanced video slots, there are many to choose from. They are the most commonly played types of slots within online casinos. They can contain five or more reels with a large range of betting lines at different coin values. The main difference of video slots to the normal standard slots is the fact that the animation and characters within the video slots have been adapted depending on the theme of the video slot. As each video slot differs from the other, their unique themes offer a unique way of being able to win large sums of money with that particular video slot. An example of such a game is the NETENT Icy Wonders whose theme is based on the mysteries of a wintery wonderland. Its characters include polo bears, penguins, huskies, igloos and much more. As icy wonders is also a jackpot game, each spin of the various characters within the reel bring the player that one step closer to being in the chance of winning the large jackpots. Another advantage that video slots have over slots is the fact that video slots also offer the chance for players to win through the countless bonus opportunities within the games themselves. Such bonuses include Wild substitutions, scatter symbols, bonus mini games and of course free spins.

It is a known fact that whenever a player enters a land based casino, the first games to catch a player’s eye are the slot machines. Due to their popularity however, it may sometimes be hard for a late comer to find an available slot machine to play with. This will never be the case with online casinos. Thanks to their advanced technology, there is no limit to the total number of online players who are able to play the same video slot at the same time. As mentioned earlier, video slots comprise of the best state of the art software that require little or no download in order to access them. However an advantage that online video slots have over the slots found within land based casinos is the fact that online video slots are also available to be played in fun mode or practice mode. This mode is available to all players who wish to acquaint themselves with any unfamiliar games while playing with virtual free money. All video slots are offered in this mode including video slots which offer progressive jackpots just like Icy wonders. Although this game is a jackpot games players are still able to play in fun mode without being able to eventually win the jackpot. Certain online casinos do not require players to register and log in before being able to access the practice mode of video slots. While others would require players to register, log into their account and give the choice of whether they would like to play in practice mode or real mode with real money. Once a player has selected the desired game in practice mode, a substantial amount of free virtual credit will be allocated to the game with which online players can play with. If the credit runs out, the amount can be renewed easily by refreshing the game allowing the player to play for as long as they wish. Should the online player then wish to play the video slots in real mode, they will need to register for an account, log in and begin playing with the money they would have deposited into their account.

As online casinos select various software providers for their video slots, there are times where a player would not need to download any of the games before they can be played. This means that video slots can be played from any computer anywhere in the world without being imprinted on a particular computer beforehand. Even if a player is on their lunch break or in a different country, they may still enter their accounts and play any video slot their desire. Video slots’ growing popularity allow players to access the games and be in the running for winning great amounts of money through various bonus giveaways within the games themselves or through the casinos. No matter the video slot of their choice players will be able to take advantage of some of the most competitive welcome bonuses, free spins and mini bonus games available. In a game such as icy wonders which includes a progressive jackpot as well as the standard bonuses, players will be able to win a large sum of money by being able to beat the odds of the game. As all video slots are games of chance, they are monitored by the respective online gaming authorities making sure they are functioning on an RNG basis (Random number generator). This means that all video slots’ results of each spin are at random and not predetermined. Online players may therefore rest assured that the video slots they are playing and the transactions made are within safe hands in a safe and secure environment of the online casino.